It is necessary for every lady to know what is needed in a makeup bag to help get the perfect look. Though the makeup brand and color depends on your taste, you also need to consider the few basic products any woman who is serious about her looks should have in her makeup bag. There are products needed for the whole face and to highlight specific features on the face.  This article will help you to know the most important products needed in your makeup bag.


BROW PENCIL: Brow pencils are a necessity in every makeup bag. It is used to draw the brow and give it a nice look. It transforms a sad and sparse looking brow into a well-defined and artistic one.

brow pencil

EYE SHADOW PALETTE: A good eye shadow palette has many colors- from the warm tones to the cool tones, from light shades to dark shades which helps to add colors to your makeup.

eye shadow palette

EYELINER: A good eyeliner helps to change a tired look on the face. We all know eyeliner is needed to apply a makeup. An eyeliner doesn’t have to be only black, brown, or black/brown.


MASCARA: Mascara gives your eyes a beautiful, bold look and helps your eye to really pop. It makes the lashes look longer and gives your eye a good dramatic look.


TWEEZERS: The tweezers go hand in hand with the brow pencil. It helps to keep the brows well-manicured. It is very important to keep a decent pair of tweezers.



MOISTURIZER: A moisturizer is used to protect and lubricate the skin. It is a necessary beauty product every lady needs to keep in her makeup bag. It also helps to nourish the skin and hydrate it.


PRIMER: A primer is a necessity in a makeup bag but many women overlook it. It helps prepare the skin before applying makeup. It also helps to hide the flaws on the face.


FOUNDATION: Foundation is used right after using a primer. It helps to make the face soft and smooth with no flaws. It’s important to find a foundation that is good for your skin tone and your skin type.


CONCEALER: A concealer should perfectly match your skin tone to be able to conceal flaws on your skin. A concealer should make you feel comfortable.


POWDER: Powder is used for setting the face. It is mostly applied after using the foundation.


HIGHLIGHTER: A highlighter is a must in a makeup bag. It helps draw out your eyes and helps define the face (specific parts of the face).



BLUSH: Many people say that ladies don’t need to wear a blush but the truth is a blush is an essential in makeup. It gives the face a nice tone and color and helps highlight the cheekbones. It is in a variety of colors which makes it easy to find a shade for all looks.


BRONZE: The bronze helps to accentuate and contour your cheeks which can help you get a bold dramatic look or a subtle look. It also helps to contour the nose, the jawline and the forehead.



LIP LINER: The liner is an essential in the makeup bag. It helps to outline the shape of the lips.


LIPSTICKS: The lipstick is used after the lip liner to add color to the lips and give it a sexy loo. It comes in different colors which helps you to select the perfect color to your lips.


LIP GLOSS: The lip gloss helps give your lips a glossy look and makes it shine. It also comes in different colors.

lip gloss

Not forgetting other essential products such as the makeup brush and the beauty blenders which helps to apply makeup and also blend the makeup to give a good look.




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