As ladies, there are certain makeup products we need to keep in our bags every day at any given time. But the question is what is the important stuff I need to keep in my handbag. No matter what you might have in mind it is important to take some very necessary items.

There are several very important stuff to keep with you. These are:

  • Concealer and foundation; It is a very important product we need to keep at all times. Assuming you went for a little shopping and whiles shopping or on your way home you get beaten by the rain and as a result, your makeup gets washed off what are you going to do? None would want to be involved in a situation like this especially if you applied makeup to cover dark spots, imperfections redness, and even out discolorations it’ll be terrible. But if we have our concealer and foundation handy, we can set things straight and not feel embarrassed anymore. It’s also advisable to touch up your makeup maybe twice a day before the day ends to look smart and beautiful always.

Foundation and concealer

  • Eyebrow pencil; I went out on a date with a guy I’ve been crushing on for like forever and because I’ve never had the chance to be with him alone before I was very nervous so I started sweating buckets then I tried wiping it off just to realize I smudged my makeup and I rushed to the washroom. So, I looked through my purse and realized I was never the type of girl who keeps certain beauty products in my handbag, I felt terrible the only thing I could do was to bail out. Don’t let this be your story. Don’t let natural occurrences ruin your day. Keep a brow pencil with you to be able to have that #eyebrow on fleek stares all day. Especially when you touch up your makeup.

brow pencil

  • Makeup mirror; You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you’ll need to use a mirror to apply makeup and realize ‘oh oh I don’t have a mirror with me’. Having a mirror handy is as important as having a concealer, a foundation, and an eyebrow.


  • Lip balm or stick; I definitely wouldn’t want my lips to be looking all parched or even nasty after a little kiss session with my boyfriend so I am going to make sure to always have a lip balm in my bag.

lip balm and lipstick

  • Pressed powder; It is also an important product to be kept handy to use after applying foundation and concealer.


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